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  • Did You Know? Weird and Wonderful Facts About the World of Waste!


    We all throw things away, but have you ever stopped to think about the fascinating world behind that discarded banana peel or plastic bottle? The waste management industry is more than just garbage trucks and Skips – it’s a complex ecosystem overflowing with surprising facts and innovative solutions. So, let’s dig (figuratively, of course) into some fun waste facts!

    14 million tonnes of municipal waste was sent to UK landfill in 2021. 6.8 million tonnes of this was biodegradable waste i.e. greenhouse gas producing. DEFRA has set a target for the ‘near elimination’ of biodegradable waste to landfill by 2028! Great news for the Environment!

    Who is DEFRA? Defra – Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs. Find out more

    • Half of all food produced globally goes to waste! That’s a staggering 3,000 pounds of food chucked every second in the US alone.
    • Love your plastic water bottle? Well, it might take up to 1,000 years to decompose!
    • The Great Pacific Garbage Patch isn’t just a legend. This monstrous floating island of plastic trash in the Pacific Ocean weighs a whopping 80,000 tons, and it’s growing.
    • Glass might seem like a recycling winner, but it can take over a million years to decompose! Luckily, it’s also infinitely recyclable, so go ahead and crush those bottles with gusto!
    • E-waste, the fastest-growing waste stream, is full of hidden treasures. Recycling just one ton of smartphones can recover gold worth more than 120 times the amount mined from a ton of rock! Talk about turning trash into treasure!
    • Biogas made from food waste can power homes and fuel cars. So, that discarded apple core could take you on a road trip one day! Visit GENeco to find out more as this is exactly what they do!

    These are just a few of the many fascinating facts that lurk in the shadows of the waste industry. So, the next time you toss something away, remember the journey it takes and the impact it has. Maybe you’ll be inspired to reduce, reuse, or recycle with a newfound respect for the hidden world of waste management!

    Did You Know? Weird and Wonderful Facts About the World of Waste!
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