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  • Skip Hire FAQ's

    Are you thinking about ordering a skip but still have some unanswered questions? Why not check out our list of the most common questions we get asked.

    How long can I keep the skip for?

    We’ve kept our hire term length as flexible as possible by offering the skip hire for up to a month, allowing for maximum flexibility to allow for any project you may have.

    What happens about collection?

    To book your skip in for collection depending on the area call:

    • 01666 505800 for Gloucestershire
    • 0117 941 2555 for Bristol & Bath
    • 01458 274 654 for Somerset.

    To save on time and fuel we schedule our collections around our deliveries, therefore when you ring up to book your skip in for collection they can take approximately 2-5 working days from that particular date. Similarly, if you have ordered online with us this same rule applies, your chosen delivery date is the ideal date.

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    Do I need to be there when the skip is delivered?

    We’ve updated our delivery process to allow for contactless deliveries. Therefore, it is now no longer necessary for anyone to be on site however we must have clear access and if there a specific location you would like the skip to be placed, please make us aware on this beforehand, ideally when booking the delivery/exchange.

    Do I need a permit for my skip?

    If you are placing your skip on private property e.g. on your driveway/private parking space/garden then you do not require a skip permit. However, if your skip needs to be placed on the road or on public land then a permit must be sought after through the respective council to your address. McCarthy Marland will handle the application and paperwork on your behalf and ensure the skip is complying with all the legal requirements.

    For more information about permits and licences visit our permit page or contact us directly.

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    What can I put in the skip?

    Depending on the which waste type your skip is will depend on the contents allowed in there. However, the most common type is general household or construction waste, these can range from pretty much everything and anything.

    But there are some wastes types that are either additional charges or categorically cannot be taken, such as Hazardous Waste.

    Refused Hazardous Waste:

    • Oil Based paints and paint cans
    • Sleepers/Railway Sleepers, found in gardens
    • Creosote
    • Oil and oil-based substances
    • Fridges/Freezers

    Items that carry additional charges:

    • Asbestos: We can run an identification test and then advise on a correct method of disposal, for more information on Asbestos please click here.
    • Plasterboard
    • Tyres


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    2 Yard (Mini) Skip Hire

    Ideal for small flat refurbishments and small clear-outs

    • Capacity: 2 Yds3 / 1.83 Mtrs3
    • Height: 3'0" / 0.91 Mtrs
    • Length: 5'0" / 1.52 Mtrs
    • Width: 4'0" / 1.22 Mtrs

    4 Yard (Midi) Skip Hire

    Ideal for small construction jobs and heavy materials

    • Capacity: 4 Yds3 / 3.65 Mtrs3
    • Height: 3'0" / 0.91 Mtrs
    • Length: 7'0" / 2.13 Mtrs
    • Width: 5'0" / 1.52 Mtrs

    6 Yard Skip Hire (open or enclosed)

    Ideal for house extension work and heavy materials

    • Capacity: 6 Yds3 / 4.6 Mtrs3
    • Height: 4'0" / 1.22 Mtrs
    • Length: 8'6" / 2.6 Mtrs
    • Width: 5'0" / 1.52 Mtrs

    8 Yard Skip Hire (open or enclosed)

    Ideal for all building works and materials

    • Capacity: 8 Yds3 / 6.12 Mtrs3
    • Height: 4' 5"/ 1.22 Mtrs
    • Length: 10'6" / 3.20 Mtrs
    • Width: 5'9" / 1.75 Mtrs

    10 Yard Skip Hire (open or enclosed)

    Ideal for bulky items from construction works

    • Capacity: 10 Yds3 / 7.65 Mtrs3
    • Height: 4'9" / 1.5 Mtrs
    • Length: 11'5" / 3.5 Mtrs
    • Width: 5'7" / 1.75 Mtrs

    12 Yard Skip Hire (open or enclosed)

    Ideal for big clear-out jobs and bulky items

    • Capacity: 12 Yds3 / 9.17 Mtrs3
    • Height: 5'5" / 1.68 Mtrs3
    • Length: 12'1" / 3.7 Mtrs
    • Width: 5'7" / 1.75 Mtrs

    Service coverage

    With depots in Central Bristol, Somerton, Tetbury, and Wantage in Oxfordshire we have a large coverage area across the Southwest

    Please get in touch to further discuss the areas we cover on 0345 646 0845 or email
    You can view our list Locations we cover


    Waste recycling centres

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