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    Our landfill facility in Somerton is a fully engineered, non-hazardous landfill. To further commit to reducing waste to landfill, only trommel processed fines are tipped at this facility.

    Fines are created by screening which is a process to sort and separate materials to make waste fines, ready for resale and disposal. This supports waste processing from construction and building sites, demolition sites and from other commercial businesses.

    The process includes vibratory screens and air separation and magnets, and further hand sorting. The resulting fines are then separated and saved. Following this thorough sorting process, any non-recyclable, residual waste is sent for waste-to-energy disposal. Any remaining waste that is unsuitable for recycling or energy recovery is sent to landfill.


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    Please note that there is no direct access to our landfill site. Any waste to landfill is strictly monitored by McCarthy Marland as it must go through the processes outlined above before it is accepted into landfill. 

    Landfill management

    Our landfill site in Somerset has been fully engineered to safely contain the waste it accepts.  The engineering works have been inspected and signed off by the Environment Agency. The EA frequently visits the site to ensure our continued compliance with our landfill permit.

    The landfill site also has its own Leachate Treatment Plant, which captures the entire site’s water run-off and processes it, a bit like a sewage treatment works, to ensure the output meets strict environmental standards.

    We have also recently ungraded the flare on site to ensured landfill gas is safely removed and are now investigating ways this energy can be further captured and used on site.

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