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    Balers are suitable for customers who generate dry packaging like cardboard, paper, and plastics.

    Portable waste compactors are highly popular due to their efficiency. They are air and water tight, making them ideal for food waste, garden recycling (excluding wood), cardboard, and plastics. These compactors reduce odors and the risk of pest infestation, making them suitable for businesses like bakers, supermarkets, prisons, and hotels. Static waste compactors, on the other hand, are stationary machines that compress waste into separate portable containers.

    They are capable of handling large volumes of bulky rubbish, including general waste, paper, wood waste (e.g., pallets), polythene, plastics, cardboard, and glass. When a container is full, our fleet of vehicles will exchange it with an empty one at your site. These compactors can result in significant cost savings. Overall, compactors offer an efficient and hygienic waste disposal solution for businesses dealing with increased waste volumes.

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    There are two types of balers:

    1. Vertical Balers: – Single-Chamber Balers: Used for baling a single waste stream, such as polythene or cardboard. – Multi-Chamber Baler: Equipped with multiple units to process two or more waste streams, like paper and plastics.

    2. Mill Size Baler: Designed for businesses that generate large quantities of a single waste stream. Horizontal balers have a larger size, allowing for processing larger amounts of materials. They can produce bales weighing over 500kg of materials like plastics and paper.

    Compactors are a cost-effective solution for businesses dealing with increased volumes of various waste materials. There are two types available: static and portable.

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    With depots in Central Bristol, Somerton, Tetbury, and Wantage in Oxfordshire we have a large coverage area across the Southwest

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