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  • Know Your Skip Sizes: A Guide to Choosing the Right Skip


    Deciding on the right skip size for your project can seem daunting. Whether you’re clearing out your home, working on a construction site, or managing a commercial project, understanding the different types of skips, their uses, and sizes is crucial. This article simplifies the process, providing you with an easy-to-understand comparison table and essential dos and don’ts for skip use.

    Types of Skips and Their Uses

    Skips come in a variety of sizes and types, each designed for specific needs:

    • Mini Skips (2 Yard): Perfect for small household clear-outs or minor renovation tasks.
    • Midi Skips (4 Yard): Suited for small construction jobs or garden makeovers.
    • Standard Skips (6-8 Yard): Ideal for house extensions, medium-sized construction projects, and larger clear-outs.
    • Large Skips (10-12 Yard): Best for big construction projects, large house clearances, and bulky items.

    Types of Skips

    We have three main types of skips for the general public and trade uses. We also feature specialist skips such as compactor skips and Roll On Roll Off skips for larger projects.

    Open Skips

    Uses: Open-top skips are traditional skips you see around. They are versatile and suitable for a wide range of waste types, including general household, garden waste, and construction debris. Their open design makes them easy to fill, particularly with bulky items or materials that can be thrown in from above.

    Sizes: Ranging from small (2-yard) sizes suitable for minor home renovations or garden clearances to large (12-yard) sizes ideal for significant construction projects or large house clear-outs.

    Drop Door Skips

    Uses: Drop Door skips feature a hinged door that can be lowered to create a ramp. This design is great for projects with heavy waste like soil or rubble. It helps avoid lifting heavy loads over the sides by allowing them to be wheeled in instead.

    Sizes: We offer these skips in 6 and 8-yard sizes, making them a good choice for medium to large projects, including garden redesigns or extensive home renovations.

    Enclosed Skips

    Uses: Enclosed skips offer the advantage of a lockable lid, providing security for the waste inside and preventing unauthorised use. They are ideal for situations where there is a risk of others adding their waste to your skip or when you need to prevent waste from blowing away.

    Sizes: Available in 8 and 12-yard sizes, enclosed skips are perfect for large commercial projects or when handling sensitive materials that need to be contained.

    Skip Size Comparison Table

    Skip Type

    Capacity (Yds³ / Mtrs³)

    Height (Mtrs)

    Length (Mtrs)

    Width (Mtrs)

    Ideal Use

    2 Yard Mini

    1.83 0.91 1.52 1.22 Small flat refurbishments, clear-outs

    4 Yard Midi

    3.65 0.91 2.13 1.52 Small construction jobs, garden waste

    6 Yard

    4.6 1.22 2.6 1.52 House extensions, larger clear-outs

    8 Yard

    6.12 1.37 3.20 1.75 Building works, bulky materials

    10 Yard

    7.65 1.5 3.5 1.75 Bulky items from construction

    12 Yard

    9.17 1.68 3.7 1.75 Big clear-out jobs, large bulky items

    8 Yard Enclosed

    6.12 1.37 3.20 1.75 Secure waste storage, prevention of overflow

    12 Yard Enclosed

    9.17 1.68 3.7 1.75 Large projects requiring secure waste storage

    What Can and Can’t Go in a Skip


    • General household waste
    • Construction waste
    • Garden waste
    • Wood, metal, plastic

    Not Allowed:

    • Hazardous materials (oil-based paints, asbestos)
    • Electrical appliances (fridges/freezers)
    • Tyres, batteries
    • Chemicals, solvents

    Choosing the right skip doesn’t have to be complicated. With this guide, you should have everything you need to select the perfect skip size for your project and understand what waste it can contain. 

    If you want to rent a skip or have questions, our team can help. Contact your local team in Gloucestershire at 01453 701230, Bristol & Bath at 0117 941 2555, or Somerset at 01458 274654. You can also email for assistance. Our specialists will guide you through the booking process. 


    Know Your Skip Sizes: A Guide to Choosing the Right Skip
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