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Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling incorporates the segregation and recovery of numerous types of waste plastic including UPVC windows and door frames, gas, water and drainage pipes, down pipes and guttering and polycarbonate roof sheets. Plastic waste is collected in skips or roll-on roll-off containers for transportation back to our Waste Transfer Station where it is manually and mechanically segregated ready for bulking and reprocessing. We take pre-segregated plastics and we also have the facility to sort mixed loads, from which we extract any recyclable plastic along with other materials for recycling.

The plastic recycling market is developing at a fast pace and with our segregation technology and market experience, we are able to maximise recycling of this increasingly valuable commodity. 

We can recycle most types of used plastic products

  • UPVC window & doors frames
  • Yellow gas pipe
  • Blue water pipe
  • Drainage pipe
  • UPVC down pipe & guttering
  • ABS pipe
  • Polycarbonate roof sheets

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