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Recycling is an essential part of what we do. We recycle over 85% of waste materials that come into our central Bristol Waste Transfer Station. Our state-of-the-art waste segregation technology allows us to recover as much recyclable material as possible so that it can go on to be reprocessed and reused. 

We provide our customers with skips or roll-on roll-off containers to be filled with waste materials. Some of our customers choose to separate the waste themselves, others prefer to use a single mixed waste container, which is then sorted back at our Waste Transfer Station for recycling. Our delivery and collection timetables are scheduled to match the turnover of waste you are producing so that full containers are removed quickly and efficiently, leaving you maximum space for ongoing waste storage.

Alternatively, waste materials can be dropped off at our Waste Transfer Station for sorting, bulking and recycling.

Waste Disposal / Tipping

Our Bristol and Somerset Waste Transfer Stations accepts multiple waste types and any size of delivery vehicle. Open 6 days a week. Monday to Friday from 7am to 4.30pm and Saturdays from 8am to 12.30pm.

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Wood Recycling

We provide skips, roll-on roll-off containers, delivery and collection services for wood waste recycling. Wood waste is sorted at our Waste Transfer Station for bulking and reprocessing.

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Plastic Recycling

We can accept most types of plastic for recycling. As well as pre-segregated plastics, we can also take unsorted, mixed loads from which we extract recyclable plastic and any other materials for recycling.

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Garden & Park Waste Recycling

Customers can deliver green waste for recycling straight to our Waste Transfer Station or have it collected via one of our waste collection services. We can take segregated garden and park waste and we can also strip out green waste from mixed loads.

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Scrap Metal Recycling

Our customers do not need to source specialist scrap metal merchants since we can extract and segregate any size of ferrous and non-ferrous metal from mixed waste loads using specialist technology at our Waste Transfer Station.

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Cardboard Recycling

For businesses producing substantial amounts of cardboard waste we can provide cardboard compaction systems and balers. Lesser amounts can be loose-loaded into our roll-on roll-off containers or skips.

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Hardcore Waste Recycling

All of the stone and hardcore that comes to us is recycled back into the construction industry for reuse or recycling. We can provide a collection service or customers can bring their stone and hardcore.

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Soil Recycling

We process all the soil we receive using specialist screening technology that removes large contaminants before grading clean soil for reuse in ground restoration projects. We can collect or customers can deliver their soil waste.

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Plasterboard Recycling

We can collect plasterboard as separate waste or as part of mixed waste loads using one of our standard waste collection services. Alternatively, customers can deliver plasterboard waste to our Waste Transfer Station where it is prepared for recycling.

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