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  • What size Wheelie bin do I need?


    Choosing the Right Bin for Your Business

    A common enquiry we receive is what size wheelie bin we think will suit our customers best?

    When it comes to business waste management, selecting the right wheelie bin size is crucial for efficient disposal and cost-effectiveness. At McCarthy Marland, we understand the complexities of waste management and are committed to providing our customers with the ideal bin sizes to suit their specific needs.


    Factors Influencing Bin Size Selection

    Several factors contribute to determining the appropriate wheelie bin size for your business, including:

    Access Restrictions: Consider the availability of space and accessibility for bin placement. Our 240L bin is ideal for tight spaces, while larger bins may require designated storage areas.

    Waste Generation: Evaluate the average amount of waste your business produces. For smaller businesses, our 240L or 660L bins may suffice. For larger establishments, our 1100L bin can accommodate significant waste volumes.

    Waste Composition: Identify the type of waste generated. Our 240L bins are suitable for food and glass waste, while general waste can be placed in any of the available sizes.

    Location: Consider factors such as environmental regulations and accessibility for waste collection vehicles. McCarthy Marland’s innovative recycled and recovered wheeled bin service eliminates the need for separating dry waste and recycling, streamlining the collection process for businesses in Bristol and Somerton.


    McCarthy Marland offers a range of wheelie bin sizes to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes:

    240L Wheeled Bin: Suitable for tight spaces and high-frequency collections, accommodating the equivalent of 3-5 bin bags. Ideal for businesses with limited waste generation or food/glass waste disposal requirements.

    660L Wheeled Bin: Ideal for mid-to-large sized businesses, handling the equivalent of 8-10 bin bags. Suitable for factories, hotels, and shopping centres that produce a moderate amount of waste.

    1100L Wheeled Bin: Designed for large businesses or premises generating significant waste, accommodating the equivalent of 15-18 bin bags. Ideal for restaurants, student accommodations, industrial estates and communal office areas.

    Industrial Waste Management Solutions

    For businesses generating extensive waste and requiring higher storage capacity, skips and compactor containers are the ultimate solutions. These robust containers can handle high volumes of waste, ensuring efficient waste management without compromising space or productivity.

    Contact Us for Personalised Guidance

    At McCarthy Marland, we are committed to providing personalised waste management solutions tailored to your business’s specific needs. Our experienced team are able to assist you in selecting the appropriate wheelie bin size and exploring additional waste management options to optimize your waste disposal process.


    Call us today at 0117 941 2555 and experience the difference that McCarthy Marland can make in your business’s waste management journey.

    What size Wheelie bin do I need?
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