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Landfill Disposal

Landfill continues to play a vital role in the waste management sector for wastes that cannot be recycled or recovered for energy

Our landfill site at Westcombe in Somerset is a fully engineered non hazardous landfill capable of accepting wastes from businesses, industry, households and the construction sector.

We always endeavour to recover and recycle as much material as possible prior to end disposal.  However, there are some waste types that cannot be recycled owing to their physical structure.  Furthermore, after mixed wastes have been passed though a recovery process for recycling the residual fraction is very often not viable for further recycling or recovery as a fuel.

Our landfill site in Somerset provides long term disposal stability for residual wastes post our recovery and recycling processes.

Landfill and the environment

There is no doubting that badly managed landfill sites are not good for the environment.

However, our landfill site in Somerset has been properly engineered to safely contain the waste it accepts.  The engineering works have been inspected and signed off by the Environment Agency and the Environment Agency frequently visit the site to ensure our continued compliance with the landfill permit.  The landfill site also has its own leachate treatment plant which captures all the site's water run off and processes it, a bit like a sewerage works, to ensure the out-put meets strict environmental standards.

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