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Front End Loaders for Large Volumes of Waste

Our Front End Loaders (FEL) are ideal for those who produce large volumes of dry waste.  Front End Loading waste collection units are lockable steel bins with easily operated lids.

Front End Loaders are static bins and are not easily moved without industrial lifting equipment.  The Front End Loading system offers significant accessibility advantages over Rear End Loaders.

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Front End Loaders

Front End Loaders for Large Volumes of Waste

Our Front End Loaders are designed for significant volumes of waste, Front End Loaders are used to collect and dispose of the following types of waste:

  • Recyclable & Recoverable waste
  • Single Stream Recycling
  • Compactable industrial and commercial waste
  • Not suitable for glass
  • Not suitable for hazardous waste

Our FEL lorries are fitted with the latest technological system ‘PurGo‘ which will weigh your waste at the point of collection and advise you of any additional costs and provide you with the Waste Transfer Note at the same time.  This system provides our customers with communication and exceptional customer service at every level.

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